The Pyraminx

The Pyraminx is a tetrahedron twisty puzzle in the style of the Rubik's cube. It was invented by Uwe Mèffert and introduced by Tomy Toys of Japan in 1981. This is a WCA puzzle (meaning that there are WCA competitions for it).

Methods: Beginner method:This method is recommended mainly to people who just want to solve the Pyraminx(like me), although the puzzle isn't hard to figure out by yourself. You can still go from not knowing how to solve the puzzle to under 30 seconds in about less than an hour with this method: Step 1: Orient the four corners and their tips. The tips don't move, so this should be intuitive. Step 2: Use R' L R L' and L R' L' R to place the edges. These algorithms will move exactly three edges around, so just keep trying until you are done. Have fun!