3 by 3/Original Rubik's Cube

This is the original Rubik's Cube. Designed by Hungarian sculptor Ernő Rubik in 1974, it was originally called the magic cube (and some still call it that today), and it is now the world's best selling toy!

Methods: Beginner method: The beginner method consists of first making a cross, with all the edges paired to the correct centers, and then you pair the edges and finish the second layer. for the last layer, you do F,R,U,R',U',F' to get the yellow cross, and then do R,U,R',U,R,U2,R' to get the fish. With the fish facing the bottom left corner, do that same algorithim to finish off the yellow side. Then, find the headlights (Two corner peices of the same colour) and have them facing the back. If you don't have any headlights, then you'll just have to do the algorithim twice. This is the algorithm: R',F,R',B2,R,F',R',B2,R2. Then, once you have headlights on all four sides, hold the newly solved side (if there are none then do this algorithim twice) on the back, and do this algorithim to rotate the edges. R2,U,R,U,R',U',R',U',R',U,R'.