The 2 by 2 by 2 Cube

This puzzle is a cube that solves similarly to the 3 by 3 cube although it's easier. I would really recommend this to a beginner who hasn't learned how to solve the 3 by 3 because the algorithims in the 2 by 2 are all neccesary for solving the 3 by 3. For the tutorial part of this, I will just describe the steps to solving the puzzle and then leave a link to a more in depth tutorial on this puzzle. The first step is almost 100% intuitive. First, you get the top four peices correctly oriented, and then you want to get the 2 by 2 equivalent of a "fish" pattern on the opposite side. Once you do that, turn the fish so that it's facing the bottom left, and then do the algorithim. I don't have the algorithim here, but I'm pretty sure the website on the bottom left will. Have fun!

2 by 2 Solution